All-day RegioGraph deep-dive courses

Training courses for more advanced users
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Have you already completed a RegioGraph training course and are successfully working with the software? Expand your knowledge of RegioGraph's applications for your work area with our all-day online deep-dive training course (9:00 to 17:00). You can choose between deep-dive courses for optimizing sales territories, analyzing locations or designing successful maps.


Please note that when booking a training course the amount is to be paid in advance.

RegioGraph deep-dive course: Optimizing sales territories

Get to know the software's features related to sales territory optimization and benefit from a brief overview of the steps involved:

  • generating and optimizing sales territories
  • calculate sales representative substitutes, intermediate levels, optimal locations
  • comparing competing sales territory plannings
  • presenting optimized territory splits (documents, reports, export, RegioGraph TeamConnect)
  • best practiseapproach



RegioGraph deep-dive course: Analyzing locations

Get to know the software's features related to analyzing your locations and benefit from a brief overview of the steps involved (competitors, purchasing power, reporting, etc.):

  • Import location files and manually set individual locations on the map
  • Calculating catchment areas for locations
  • Define catchment areas using 5-digit postcodes
  • Linking data between tables
  • Reports, infoboxand standardized layouts
  • Presenting results



RegioGraph deep-dive course: Designing successful maps

Get to know the software's features related to creating professional maps (thematic maps, layout issues, labeling options, color selection):

  • Map structure: layer technics, layout standards
  • Analysis of locations and areas: Logic and control options
  • Design technology: Setting standards, display optimization according to zoom level etc.
  • Layout: style sheet, inset map and table
  • Presentation: Export and printing of maps


from €900.00
Excl. 0% VAT

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