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  1. Geomarketing Whitepaper "Fit for tomorrow"

    Analyzing locations in the fitness industry with RegioGraph LocationAdvice

    The fitness industry has evolved significantly from an initial focus on body-building in the 1950s to the advent of aerobics in the 1990s and finally to the broader offering of today’s health clubs and fitness studios. While physical fitness was the predominant emphasis in the early days of the industry, there is now an ever increasing focus on promoting overall wellness through options such as saunas and swimming pools.

    The location-related requirements and criteria for fitness outlets are very similar. These include factors such as how densely a given target group is concentrated in a location’s catchment area, how close a site is to public transportation, whether there are business agglomerations or other frequency-generating retailers in the vicinity, if competitors are present and what the demographic characteristics are of the people living near an existing or prospective fitness outlet.

    This white paper discusses the factors that make a location successful, what kind of data is most important for location decisions and which approaches are most helpful during the planning process.