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  1. Pocket Guide: Rising Values among Global Consumers

    Emerging ideals that are transforming consumers’ perspectives

    At a time of global pandemic, civil unrest, and financial stratification, consumers are undergoing dramatic change. Which values are driving the greatest passion and interest around the globe? What do brands need to know about these emerging priorities?

    This easy-to-read guide zeroes in on four key values that are transforming consumers.

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  2. Pocket Guide: Consumer Values around the World

    Understand the values motivating consumers in 25 countries

    While every region of the world can claim to be distinct, consumers share essential traits – concerns and ideals that guide their actions in remarkably similar ways. In this volatile time, which values do consumers have in common? Where are these values most common and how do they rank differently as we move around the globe?

    This easy-to-read guide identifies the 20 leading values in 25 countries.

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  3. Pocket Guide: Values in the US

    The leading consumer values in the world’s most important market

    American values have never seemed so much “in play.” The world’s leading market has shown sides of itself that few expected, and consumers’ deeply personal values have come to the surface with new intensity. It has never been more important to take a probing look at the values that drive, inspire, and compel people in the US. What are the leading priorities in their lives? How do they compare to other regions in the world? And how are different types of US consumers different from each other?

    This quick-reading guide offers a valuable overview of this key region.

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  4. Pocket Guide: Global Values Segments

    Analyzing global consumers based on five distinct values segments, from Mindfuls to Indulgers

    To understand and activate global values, we need to look for patterns in consumers themselves. GfK has identified five values-based segments that recur around the globe and speak to the different ways that convictions and priorities work within people’s everyday lives. From Mindfuls to Indulgers, these groupings represent a powerful tool for researchers and marketers alike.

    This easy-to-read guide describes and explores the five segments.

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  5. Full Report: Consumer Values Framework

    The definitive guide to consumer values worldwide

    For those needing to set global strategies or plan the design or release of new product lines, a deeper view of values is required. GfK’s Values Factbook is the definitive guide to consumers’ priorities, based on decades of trends collected by GfK Consumer Life.

    This report is both complete and approachable, providing the depth of insight required for higher-level marketing and product decisions.

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