The average per capita purchasing power in Europe in 2021 is €15,055. However, disposable net income among the 42 countries surveyed varies significantly. Use our brand new purchasing power data for all 42 European countries to make more informed business decisions.
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GfK's new digital maps for all 42 European countries are now available. The new 2021 maps contain several thousand changes to postcode and administrative areas such as municipalities.
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Celebrate with us, as we proudly look back on 30 years of RegioGraph – full of features, enhancements and innovations. RegioGraph 2021 is all about innovations, too.
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GfK Regional Online Potential is now available for Austria, France and the United Kingdom and shows the regional distribution of people who have a particular affinity for making purchases online. Find out more about where your target group lives.
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Due to the current situation, our RegioGraph training courses will take place online. Get to know our award-winning geomarketing software from scratch - safely from home or from the office.
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Make smart decisions. Be geotastic.

Geomarketing brings together market data, maps and analytics to solve your location challenges, from analyzing locations and optimizing sales territories to evaluating the regional distribution of your target group. Embrace the world of geomarketing to boost your company's success and become geotastic!

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Geomarketing software for geographic analyses

RegioGraph is an award-winning geomarketing software that allows you to visualize and analyze your company data directly on digital maps. In combination with the included GfK purchasing power data, you can use RegioGraph to display your customer distribution, evaluate your sales structure and discover untapped market potential. The new RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on lets you share results online with colleagues, leading to more streamlined communication and decision-making.

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RegioGraph Analysis

RegioGraph Analysis offers detailed regional and market analyses in marketing, controlling and market research.

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RegioGraph Planning

Planning additionally includes intelligent tools for sales territory planning, street-level customer analysis and optimization.

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RegioGraph Strategy

Strategy additionally provides location and expansion planners with powerful location assessment tools.

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RegioGraph Trainings

Become a RegioGraph professional in no time with a group course, quick-start course or one of our deep-dive courses.

Market data

Comprehensive, regionalized data on potential for all of Europe

Use GfK market data to carry out objective evaluations of your markets, turnover and locations. We calculate this data for specific regional levels, such as urban and rural districts, postcodes, municipalities and street segments. These insights improve the value of your analyses, ensure the soundness of your sales optimizations and deliver answers to your location questions.

Purchasing Power

GfK Purchasing Power reveals the regional distribution of the population's disposable income.


GfK Demographics provides detailed demographic information on the population.

Retail Centrality

GfK Retail Centrality is an indicator of the retail attractiveness of a given city.

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Purchasing Power for Retail Product Lines

GfK Purchasing Power for Retail Product Lines provides a detailed breakdown of consumer potential for several product lines.


Comprehensive digital maps for the entire world

GfK's digital maps allow you to display your company information and data on potential, revealing market and operational insights by pinpointing otherwise hard-to-spot trends and relationships. Available for countries around the world, our administrative and postcode vector-based maps offer comprehensive coverage without gaps or overlaps. This data can be easily integrated into your GIS, BI or map applications. Select from among more than 240 map sets for precise, error-free analyses.


New geomarketing developments

Webinar recording

RegioGraph 2021

Watch the recording of our webinar “New features in RegioGraph 2021” to find out about the new features and most important applications of our geomarketing software.

White paper

Fit for Tomorrow

Read our white paper to discover which factors make a location successful, what kind of data supports location decision-making and which planning methods are most effective.

Use case

Martlets and RegioGraph

Find out how our geomarketing software RegioGraph allows Martlets to identify relevant areas and develop strategies to deliver its health care services where they are most needed.


European retail in 2020 and 2021

Our comprehensive evaluation of several European countries includes analyses of numerous retail benchmarks, including the retail turnover share of private consumption, among others.


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