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  1. America Continent Edition

    The America Continent Edition contains maps for all countries on the American continent for a discounted packet price. The map edition includes detailed postcode and administrative maps as individual map layers for each country. The maps and associated boundaries fit together seamlessly without gaps or overlaps and are based on geographic coordinates (WGS 84). All layers include comprehensive place-name attributions in the international and local nomenclature, as well as in German.


    The maps are available as individual country-editions.

    from €7,500.00
    Excl. 0% VAT
  2. America Map Edition

    Specific country selection

    Looking for maps for a specific country in the Americas? Select from among the available individual country editions, which are offered in three price categories, starting at €375.

    from €375.00
    Excl. 0% VAT

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