Geomarketing software for geographic analyses

RegioGraph is an award-winning geomarketing software that allows you to visualize and analyze your company data directly on digital maps. In combination with the included GfK purchasing power data, you can use RegioGraph to display your customer distribution, evaluate your sales structure and discover untapped market potential. The new RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on lets you share results online with colleagues, leading to more streamlined communication and decision-making.


The right version for every need: Select from among three RegioGraph software versions: Analysis, Planning and Strategy. The RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on is available for all versions. Watch our comparison of software versions to determine which is best for your needs. We additionally offer RegioGraph LocationAdvice, a browser-based online application that allows you to carry out location analyses when traveling or in the field.

Current versions

For sales, marketing, controlling and expansion planning

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RegioGraph Analysis

RegioGraph Analysis offers detailed regional and market analyses in marketing, controlling and market research.

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RegioGraph Planning

Planning additionally includes intelligent tools for sales territory planning, street-level customer analysis and optimization.

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RegioGraph Strategy

Strategy additionally provides location and expansion planners with powerful location assessment tools.

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RegioGraph Trainings

Become a RegioGraph professional in no time with a group course, quick-start course or one of our deep-dive courses.

RegioGraph Team Connect

RegioGraph TeamConnect

Share results online to keep everyone informed

Marketing, sales and expansion endeavors pose a common challenge: You and your team need an overview of your diverse company data and a means of quickly making sense of it. You also need to collaborate with colleagues and build the consensus required to implement required changes. That’s where RegioGraph TeamConnect comes in. This new enhancement to our geomarketing software allows you to work with your data on digital maps and then share the results online with your team.


RegioGraph LocationAdvice

Analyze locations online & share insights with your team

RegioGraph LocationAdvice is an online-based geomarketing software that allows you to carry out professional analyses of locations and their surroundings directly on digital maps. Access your company data from various end devices while on the go and use the integrated GfK data on potential to comprehensively evaluate your locations. Your data is stored on your own company server to ensure privacy.


RegioGraph LocationAdvice

RegioGraph videos

Get insights into the software

Watch our videos to learn more about the user interface, applications as well as new features of RegioGraph 2020. Watch our comparison of software versions to determine which is best for your needs.



These are the highlights

of RegioGraph 2022


Work more focused according to your use case

Would you like to work more process-optimized and only see functions that you actually need? Rely on prepared menu ribbons.

In RegioGraph 2022, you can create your own menu ribbon with relevant functions or use predefined menu ribbons for the use cases map creation, sales territory planning or location planning. The arrange-ment of the individual functions corresponds to a workflow recommended by GfK.


Put strategies into practice more easily

Would you like to derive concrete measures from strategic decisions? See the results of your portfolio matrix in the table as well.

Use the portfolio analysis to identify where you have opportunities for growth. In RegioGraph 2022, you can see exactly which are high-potential customers, locations, or areas in the table. This allows you to provide your sales force with concrete information on what to prioritize to achieve the set sales targets.


Use the interactive map to create even more varied analyses

Would you like to share results online? Using the add-on, your colleagues can easily gain access via browser and now use even more analysis features.

With the RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on, you can provide your team with up-to-date information in the form of an interactive map. Your team won’t need its own software and can use a wide range of query tools directly in the browser. As of 2022, you’ll be able to select customer locations faster on the map using a circle, rectangle, or polygon, and also measure distances for scheduled customer visits.

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