Market data

Market data

Comprehensive, regionalized data on potential for all of Europe

Use GfK market data to carry out objective evaluations of your markets, turnover and locations. We calculate this data for specific regional levels, such as urban and rural districts, postcodes, municipalities and street segments. These insights improve the value of your analyses, ensure the soundness of your sales optimizations and deliver answers to your location questions.


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Purchasing Power

GfK Purchasing Power reveals the regional distribution of the population's disposable income.


GfK Demographics provides detailed demographic information on the population.

Population by Age Group

GfK Population by Age Group includes up-to-date population figures, subdivided into 17 age groups.

Population and Households

GfK Population and Households reveals information on the population and households.

Retail Centrality

GfK Retail Centrality is an indicator of the retail attractiveness of a given city.

Retail Turnover

GfK Retail Turnover reveals the regional distribution of brick-and-mortar retail turnover.

Retail Purchasing Power

GfK Retail Purchasing Power refers to the portion of general purchasing power available for retail spending.

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Purchasing Power for Retail Product Lines

GfK Purchasing Power for Retail Product Lines provides a detailed breakdown of consumer potential for several product lines.

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OTC Purchasing Power

GfK OTC Purchasing Power reveals the disposable income available for non-prescription health-care products.

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Purchasing Power for Automobiles

GfK Purchasing Power for Automobiles reveals purchasing power for the automotive industry.

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Purchasing Power for Holiday Travel

GfK Purchasing Power for Holiday Travel reveals the regional sales potential for private holiday travel.

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Purchasing Power for Organics

GfK Purchasing Power for Organics reveals the disposable income available for organic products.

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Regional Consumer Styles

GfK Regional Consumer Styles reveals information regarding the consumer behavior and value orientations of target groups.

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Office Supplies Potential

GfK Office Supplies Potential shows the regional market potential for office-related supplies.

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GfK Businesses shows the distribution of companies with regard to their number.

Regional Online Potential

GfK Regional Online Potential shows the regional distribution of people who have a particular affinity for making purchases online.

Visitor Frequencies

GfK Visitor Frequencies show how many and which people visited a specific location at a specific time.

GfK data insights

What makes our offering unique


Comprehensive and regionalized for all of Europe.

Use our market data for your geomarketing analyses for Germany and all of Europe.


Wide range of demographic data, purchasing power and company structure.

Choose from our wide range of market data to analyze your markets and operations.


Extensively researched and updated regularly.

We research and update our data to ensure you have the latest insights.


Custom calculation of potential for your products and markets.

Contact us to learn more about how we can provide data that meets your unique needs.

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