Africa Map Edition as a 3-year-subscription

RegioGraph maps in the *.lay format
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Looking for maps for a specific African country? Select from among the available individual country editions, which are offered in three price categories, starting at €250 per year.

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Available languages German, English
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The maps will be delivered as a download. Maps for each country are saved in separate files. The data format and scope are determined by the products you select. When ordering a European country, you will also receive the GfK Purchasing Power data of the respective country free of charge.


single workstation / in-house for 36 months
The indicated price is per year for a 36-month subscription to the respective map. In addition we offer further license models.

Map format RegioGraph (.lay)
Postcode maps

Postal boundaries are available in a varying level of detail. Coverage of at least the two-digit postcode boundaries is provided for all countries that have postal systems. Even more detailed postal boundaries are available for some countries.

Administrative maps

Coverage of at least the largest administrative boundaries is provided for every country on the continent. Almost all country editions also include coverage of the second-largest administrative level.

Specific layers




from €250.00
Excl. 0% VAT

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